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St. Tammany School Addresses Mold Issues

MANDEVILLE, La. -- St. Tammany Parish school administrators have gotten an earful from parents of children in one Northshore school about mold they say is making their children sick.


On Friday, for the first time in about a month, teachers were able to go back into a couple of modular buildings at Pontchartrain Elementary School and start retrieving stuff they couldn't get to after mold was found there.


"This could have been remedied over the summer," said parent Carl Prescott. "We're talking about three months."


Prescott's daughter, Krista, had to move to another part of Pontchartrain Elementary after mold was discovered in the ceiling of her modular classroom.


"Unfortunately, I think, some children got sick and paid the price that brought this to the attention of other parents," Prescott said.


Students were moved out of the buildings Sept. 10, while the air was being tested for safety. Everything in the classrooms stayed where it was.


"I don't think it is dangerous from the indoor air standpoint," said Jim Blazek, of Leaaf Environmental. "The tests that we ran plus the tests that the previous consultant ran all show the air quality inside the building is less than what someone would be exposed to outside."


"Air quality samples, swab samples, other samples, each one of those times has come back that the classroom is safe," said St. Tammany Parish Schools Superintendent Trey Folse.


Bids have been made to do the work necessary to get rid of the mold once and for all.


"I just think out of an abundance of caution and what we are hearing from the parents and their concerns, the opportunity is there to go ahead and move the students into a regular classroom setting and go ahead and get this work done now," Folse said.


"From what I gather, I think the school board has woken up and I think they are going to try and do the right thing," Prescott said.


Administrators said work to remedy the mold issue at Pontchartrain Elementary should begin sometime next month. The classrooms should be up and running early next year.

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